Text Collect® enables a participating mobile subscriber to receive collect calls to their mobile phone. The call charges appear on the call recipient's mobile phone bill, similar to the way a traditional land line collect call works.You only pay for each call you choose and affirmatively accept twice during the call transaction process.

How Can I Get Text Collect?

If your mobile carrier supports the service then you can receive and pay for Text Collect calls.

If the call is originating from a correctional facility, that facility will have to allow calls using the Text Collect service. Many correctional facilities have in place strong inmate call restrictions, so this type of call may not be allowed.

Who Can Take Advantage of Text Collect?

Text Collect is designed for people who need to place reverse charge or collect calls to family or friends and have the call recipient accept and pay for the charges.

It's also intended for people that want to hear from loved ones, especially those who are only able to originate a collect type call (for example, if the caller is incarcerated in some manner).

With Text Collect, friends and family alike can connect with their loved ones and pay for each call using the convenience of a mobile phone. There are no accounts to set up — you only pay for the calls you choose to accept.